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Tonguefoolery NYC

Stuart Williams Dialect coach Actor and Voiceover Artist NYC

Specializing in dialect work for individual actors, casts, and drama classrooms, as well as accent reduction for non-native English speaking business professionals.

Originally from West Sussex in the southern UK, I was transplanted to Texas at a tender age and as a result say things like 'Howdy, mate' and 'Cheerio, Y'all'.  This adaptability paired with my fascination for linguistics has given me a good ear for dialect work. I take great pleasure in sharing these tools with my clientele and subsequently bearing witness to  their personal growth; be it for a specific audition, a particular role, or merely to affect a more precise and complete means of communication at work or in a social setting. All levels are welcome!

For more information please email me at: 







Dialects coached:  Primarily U.K. and all regionalisms; RP, Estuary, London,               Cockney, Manchester, Yorkshire, West Country, Birmingham,                        Liverpool, Newcastle, Scots (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Highlands), Irish               (Dublin, West Country, Northern)           

              U.S. (Standard American, Mid-Atlantic, Texan, Georgian,                               Midwestern, Bostonian, New Yorker)

              Australian, South African, French, German, Russian

I love a challenge! I am happy to wrap my ear around whichever particular dialect you are attempting to deconstruct.




Services Offered:    

-In-person meeting  (1hr)
-Skype/Facetime/WhatsApp meeting  (1hr)
-One time recording of specific text  (1 piece)
                  (accepting cash, Venmo, or PayPal)

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