Stuart Williams acting demo 2018

Stuart Williams acting demo 2018

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Voice Over Demo

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Sharks - password: 'Sharks'

Dir. Marie Schlingmann 2012

Catt on the Matt - Trailer

J&R Vision/Hoorae Productions 2013

Cytokine Cascade

Bex&Dave Productions 2014

The Unwanted Guests

Dir. Michael Donnelly/Prod. Reserved Magazine 2014

Cruiser - password: 'Cruiser'​

Dir. Marie Schlingmann 2013


The Year I Grew an Inch - DP's trailer

Dir. Jonathan Dee / Ellmaker-Dee Productions 2014

Wolves (exercise) - password: Wolves

Dir. Marie Schlingmann 2012

Guinness (spec) -

 Dir. Gary McKendry

Rosemary's Baby (exercise) - password: Rosemary

Dir. Marie Schlingmann 2012

The Thrill of the Chase (reading)

by Phillip Gawthorne

​Mind the Gap Theatre Company / Manhattan Theater Source