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'With charisma, good looks, and most of all talent, Stuart Williams is yet another rising actor to look out for.'  - Adam Rothenberg,
'A strong cast anchored by Stuart Williams' engineer who tries to keep everyone happy with puppydog earnestness.'
                             - Kaila Hale-Stern,, 'The Future'
'Six multifaceted performances by sterling actors.'
                    - Mark Peikert,, 'Under the Blue Sky', critic's pick
Stuart Williams Actor and Voiceover Artist NYC

'Stuart Williams imbues him with both swagger and insecurity, nostalgia and real hope - his emotional back and forth is painful for both himself and the audience who, as with the best drama, leave as torn in their feelings for him as he does for himself.  It is a thoroughly excellent and engaging performance.'

           - Ben Bergin,, 'Under the Blue Sky'

'His Goring is less the all-knowing, wise-cracking dandy we're used to in the role, but possesses a more sophisticated mixture of guileless naivete, genuine concern for his friends, and a sad acknowledgment that he is destined to never be as pure as they.  Together, Gaines and Williams are hilarious as they careen between casually tossing off observations and losing it outrageously.'
                     - Heather Lee Rogers,, 'An Ideal Husband' 
'Williams...proves himself a great comic actor.'
              - Simon Sladen,, 'Durang, Durang'
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